gear motor qualified factory 3 N.m holding torque closed loop driver

Nema 23 stepper
closed loop driver integrated motor
3N.m holding torque

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Shenzhen Bobet Technology Co.,Ltd develop,design and make motors,such as 12v dc motors,24v dc motors,48v dc motors,90v dc motors,110v/220v dc motors,stepper motor,servo motors,geared stepper motors and geared dc motors,brushless dc motors(BLDC motors),nema 8,nema11,nema 14,nema 16,nema 17,nema 23,nema 24,nema 34,nema 34 series hybrid stepper motors or called stepping motors,closed loop stepper motors(easy servo motors),DC servo motors,AC servo motors,precision gearbox,bevel gearbox,right angle gearbox,precision planetary gearbox,single phase,3 phases AC motors,which is about 100w,200w,300w,400w,500w,600w capacity. our factory was built in 2007,has more than 10years manufacturing experience of motors. we will be glad to see our products and service are helpful to improve the efficiency and reduce the cost for our customers. We are ready to help our customers to solve any problems all the time,such as consulting, quotation, and proofing.We offer OBM,ODM & OEM service for customizable brushless dc motor,stepper motor,gear dc motor,servo motor,precision gearboxes and drivers more than 10 years. we do business with reliable products, responsible attitude, win-win mentality,known as BM brand.

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Product  attributes 

closed loop Nema 23 stepper 

Features &


High speed,long life time,reliable,high efficient,save energy

Product application

Parking lock Robot & CNC machine Automatic curtain,

industrial,commercial,Agriculture applications and machine,such as AGV,lown mower machine,big printer,ATM...

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Product Characteristics:

1. New PID current control technology.

2. The maximum pulse response frequency is up to 200KHZ.

3. The torque decay small at speeds up to 3000rpm.

4. Built-in alarm output, convenient for motoring and control.

5. Intelligent adjustment of current, reduce vibration, noise and heat, and improve efficiency by more than 25%.

6. Pulse/direction (PU/DR) control.

7. High response,  fast rectification, rectification time can achieve 1ms.

8. Voltage range: DC 24v-48v.

9. Excellent high speed and rigidity, perfect integration of servo and step advantages in one.

10. With over voltage, undervoltage, and other protection functions.

11. Integrated designs of integrated driver motor, superior field anti-interference capability.

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   BOBET specializes in small and medium-sized motor, micro-intelligent motor and new special motor design, manufacture and sell. Mainly products include the reduction motor, brushless motor, stepper motor, bus-communication motor, cluster motor, Ring full magnet motor, driver and controller and related intelligent electric products.    


Q1: Do we provide free sample?

A1: Depends. if we have same or close performance products in stock, free sample is possible. but normally we need to make and have to charge, because samples cost.

Q2: How to order?

A2: Contact us to order online (by alibaba online Credit Trade Assurance service) or Bank T/T.

we accept online order by alibaba or offline order. we have export business license, and our bank can accept any payment from any countries, our logistics agent and us will ship goods to your hand if you want.

Just contact us to make proforma invoice or commercial invoice, or online order, depends on your demands.

Q3: How to choose a suitable electric motor for your application?

A3: First check the voltage(V) of power supply for the motor,speed(rpm) and torque(N.m or needed ,they are basic performance need to know, to decide any gearbox is necessary or not.then we also need to consider the size(or mounting space),shape of the motor. then we need to consider the other factors,such as speed control,positioning function, motion accurate are required or not, cost down,Energy saving,gear self-lock, machine noise,structure and other may contact us to get more help,we are glad to give you a help.

Q4: Are you the gear motor manufacturer?

A4: Yes we are.

Q5: Do you have the best price?

A5: We always provide good products with reasonable and good price.

Q6: Motor products can be customized?

A6: Yes, the general situation can be customized. We offer OEM service.

Contact us:

Lisa Chian/Sales Supervisor 

Mobile/Wechat: 86-135 28805695



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Add : Bld.L,Dongyi Industrial Park,Rd.Jinglongzhonghuan,Minzhi Street,

Longhua Area,Shenzhen City,Guangdong Province, China


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