brushless dc spindle motor with driver 400w 48v

Product information:
brushless dc motor,
with or without driver
single phase or 3 phase
electric spindle motor for Milling machine,CNC and engraving machine

Package information:
package box size:36.5*26.5*11cm
package weight:2kg

Products Information

Product  attributes 

Electric 48v brushless dc spindle motor

Features &


High speed, brushless,long life time,reliable,high efficient,save energy

Product application

Milling machine,CNC and engraving machine,industrial,commercial,Agriculture applications and machine,such as AGV,lown mower machine,big printer,ATM...

Products Details

Product Specification

No. of polesVoltageRated powerRated speed Rated currentRated torque

Products Drawings

400w 48v brushless dc spindle motor size.png


this motor can be made with inside driver built-in or outer driver

this motor could be customized, voltage can be from 48V, the power could be 400w or 500w.


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